April 11, 2012

April 11, 2012 - Online vs Offline

There have been times when people tell me to let go of the internet, go out, and make 'real' friends. Real friends... Like the people online I consider friends and family aren't real. Like they are programs generated by the internet to make me feel like I have friends...

This is where those people are wrong. I would put my friends into the categories of Online and Offline. Sometimes they mix. Like when I move away from an Offline friend and they have to be Online until we can meet up next. Or when I'm able to meet up with an Online friend and we can be Offline for a while. The Offline may not last very long, but it doesn't mean that going back Online will make the friendship any less 'real' than it was Offline.

This applies to the newest friends that I've made. They may be Online, but I would like to think we've been fast friends. It's been known to happen. The fact that we met with our words means it's not a shallow physical thing first. One of these new friends is going through a really rough patch. Just because they are Online doesn't mean I can't understand their pain or try and comfort them.

It just means I'm not their to give this person the hug I think they need. But that doesn't make it any less real of a friendship.

What makes a friendship real is how much both people care about each other. A Fake friend is one who is only there when -they- need something from you. They broke up with someone, someone killed their cat, they had a minor fender-bender and their mom/dad took the car away and need you to drive them around. But as soon as -you- need something... Where are they?

They are gone. You can't find them. Even if you can, they won't help you out.

That is what makes a friend 'real' or not. It's how much you are there for them and care about them.

To all my Online and Offline friends, I love you all equally.

Ans especially to my Online Friends, I hope to meet you all someday <3

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