April 05, 2012

April 5, 2012 - ME3 DLC

Well, BioWare announced today that they are releasing free DLC this summer to expand on the way ME3 ended. My only problem with the announcement is the fan reaction. I will explain why.

Being a fan of the Mass Effect series, I was upset by the way it ended. I put countless hours into making the game go just so. I created a custom character, perfected my choices so I could save the most people, and it was all for naught. Then out from the BioWare Social Network (BSN) comes a glimmer of hope in the Retake Mass Effect movement. They had donations going to Child's Play and were trying to make something positive come out of the bad fan reaction.

It's not long before BioWare reps start coming in and letting us know they are listening and will release a statement by April. People still complained, but many accepted (like me) that not everyone has the spare time to dedicate to playing through Mass Effect 3 from beginning to end from day 1 of getting it. This was fine. The forums buzzed with discussion about what they thought could have really happened, ideas for BioWare to draw from, and topics that were much less polite. Heck, some people even talked about what they liked about the endings.

And today rolls around. BioWare announces that they will be releasing free DLC for ME3 in the summer. They are vague as to what it will contain, but they announce that it will be free and it is coming. The day we had been waiting for is here! But all is not well...

It seems that people are simply not content with this announcement. As it turns out, people wanted the super happy ending. One minute they don't care, they want closure. But the minute it's announced that they are releasing something... They want more. It's not enough that they are expanding on the choices you get, these people are now being greedy!

They are getting free DLC to modify the ending, but it's not enough! It will never be enough until everything is changed and nothing will satisfy!

I'd say those people make me sick... But that's the wrong way of putting it. Those people make me sad. Why? Because I'm happy something is being done. It may not give my femShep her retirement and royalties from vids to share with Garrus, but it will give me something. Closure maybe? A bit more clarity as to what happened? Who knows right now. But those people make me sad because they can't simply be happy with what we are being given.

Maybe in the future there will be more DLC to help expand that. Who knows! What I do know is we are getting something this summer, and I'm strangely comfortable with that.

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