September 02, 2012

September 02, 2012 - What is love to you?

As usual, all of my writing is based on real life. Even my blogs are based on real life. This one... Well... I know I did a little thing before somewhere on love. This time, it's different. Very different. This time, it's about what love is to a person.

I start this with a question to you all. What is love to you?

Is it loving someone as a friend? A lover? The person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Or is it something more complicated?

A friend was recently told not to compare the love he felt to the love someone else felt. While it isn't fair to compare, this person was wrong about how he was feeling love. He is young, yes, but that doesn't diminish his feelings. What this friend of mine feels may not have been the same as what you felt or what I feel with my fiance, it doesn't mean the feelings aren't there.

What he feels is different. The love he feels is young and innocent. The love you feel is different. The love I feel is different. We all feel love differently.

You can't compare the love of one person to the love another. And this doesn't only apply to love. This applies to everything.

But for now... Back to the reason for this.

What is love to you?

(If you want, answer in the comments below or tweet me @Sirramar)

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